This site is dedicated to the contestants who made it to the final round of ITV's Goldenballs game show. At this stage the contestants are presented with a modified Prisoner's Dilemma game to determine how the final jackpot is allocated between them. For information on how the show works read the contents of Final Round.

The purpose of this site is to immortalise the contestants, whether they chose to split the final jackpot with their fellow human or chose to steal the whole thing for themselves.

On the surface it would seem that stealing is a dominant strategy to splitting as no matter what the other contestant chooses, you will always win more or at least equal by choosing steal over split. In fact when I first saw the show, I thought like many others it seems that you'd have to be an idiot not to steal.

But after thinking for a while I came to the conclusion that this is trivialising the game too far. It doesn't take into account that any money you win from stealing is money that would have been shared with your fellow contestant. While you can argue that both people came into the game with nothing and in that sense you aren't taking anything from them you are most certainly betraying them when it comes to the final jackpot.

On top of this, you are on television and the whole world has seen you lie for the past minute trying to convince your fellow contestant that you are going to split with them. When watching the videos I would be very surprised if any people felt more amiable towards the stealers than the splitters. I for one would never give a job to someone I had seen lie and then steal on the show. But that is by the by and if you want to read more about my thoughts then click My Opinion.

The real purpose of this site is to create a place where all the Goldenball's final rounds can be found in one place under Videos and any contestant that has appeared in the final round can be found under People.

This may give anyone who split that stumbles across it a sense of satisfaction and be a reminder to those that stole that they are terrible people and should feel terrible.